Steak Expert


ATRACHE PhD : Director of Research and Development, Industrial Microbiology Division, bioMérieux, Paris
  • 1975 : B.Sc (Hons) Organic Chemistry
  • 1979 : Ph. D. in Organic Chemistry

1991-Present : Director Research & Development bioMérieux INDUSTRY

Main responsibilities :

  • Strategic planning and management of the R&D Department of the INDUSTRY business unit ; developing microbiological solutions for the Pharmaceuticals, cosmetic and food industry.
  • Identifying & evaluation strategic technologies.

Main areas of development :

  • VIDAS automated immunoassays for food pathogen screening.
  • Miniaturised system for bacterial enumeration of the major food quality indicators.
  • Prepared media for the Pharmaceutical and food industry including chromogenic media for rapid pathogen identification.
  • 1982-1991:Biotech Australia Pty R&D / Project Manager for Food Diagnostics and Biological Chemistry Group

Author of three issued patents, over 60 international publications, articles and book chapters, numerous abstracts and proceedings and invited lectures.

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